Gratitude spawns respect

Disrespect is often followed by discipline, or some other form of consequence management.

While there is a need to correct bad behaviour, we can either spend our lives correcting that behaviour, or we can recognise that it’s a symptom of something else.

That something else is the absence of gratitude.

No. Not gratitude for what we have. Because that’s the other mistake we make.

When we consider what we’re grateful for, we look around us, but rarely within.

This is true for all humans, children and adults alike.

Disrespect is a form of anger.

Anger is a defence mechanism used to demand significance when we feel insignificant.

Respond to the anger, and you lose sight of why there is insignificance.

Just like responding to the disrespect only will cause you to lose sight of the absence of gratitude within the one who is behaving disrespectfully.

That ingratitude is based on the belief that we’re not good enough. And we believe we’re not good enough only when we don’t value who we are, and what benefit others obtain from our contribution or our presence.

Remember, you cannot nurture something that you’re not aware of.

That’s why we take ourselves and others for granted, and end up being dismissive, disrespectful, or abusive, because we lost sight of the good within us, or them. Or both.

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