Surrender to servitude

We all want to be significant because of who we are. This is what defines our place or sense of belonging in this world.

When we find reason to believe that we are not enough, we convince ourselves that we will only ever be valued for what we can do.

That’s when we stop trying to make our mark by being true to ourselves, and instead become defined by our efforts to excel at what we do.

When this mindset sets in, we actively seek opportunities to serve, or to be recognised for our accomplishments, and not for our humanness.

This is how we dull our spirit, settle for being invisible, and deny the world our unique contribution of who we are because we convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter. That we don’t matter. That all that matters is what we can do for others on their terms because what we want will always be too much for those around us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But we’ll only truly matter when we learn to appreciate ourselves despite the rejection or betrayal that we may face from those around us.

Each time we subdue our spirit, we give others permission to take us for granted. That’s how we give up the sweetness of life.

[This is an Incomplete thought process, but one I believe to be worth sharing]

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