A silent betrayal

The betrayal of trust is not always due to blatant acts of dishonesty.

Most often, it’s the silence or the restraint from a loved one when their words or their embrace is most needed.

It’s the shrug when we reach out to them or offer them support, or the deliberate obliviousness when we express our need for them.

It’s the trust that bonds hearts that is more fragile than the intellectual trust.

Reconciling dishonesty is easy because we have tangible evidence to work with.

Understanding what’s in someone’s heart when they keep it a secret, or when they become subdued after having been expressive, leads to more anguish than any lie of the tongue.

It is the not knowing that tortures and tests the trust we once placed in someone, especially when all the evidence conflicts with their claims.

That’s when breathing becomes a labour in search of love, and exhaling feels pointless.

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