Ephemeral existence…

Life, more than anything else, is about perspective.

In moments of struggle, we’re inclined to look back on the many times that we were weighed down in life.

Sometimes we reminisce about the good times, but from a place of hopelessness believing that we may never experience it again.

At such times, it feels like life is long and dreary.

But when we connect with joys from the past, and hope to recreate even greater joys in future, the fleeting nature of life is impressed upon us.

Our need to focus on the bad experiences is an attempt at protecting our fragile hearts from having to face such heartache or disappointment again.

Focus on the joys, and suddenly we connect with our ability to smile in the face of trials, and to reconnect with joy even after the gravest disappointment.

Breathe, beloved…our default state is joy, if only we’ll embrace it more than we hold onto the fear. A joyful life is always still possible as long as there is breath left in our lungs.


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