Fear or hope? Choose wisely

Fear drives us towards protecting ourselves from a difficult past, while convincing us that we’re investing in a better future.

If we were truly investing in the future, fear of the past repeating itself would not feature in our efforts towards growth and new beginnings.

It is fear that manifests as illness or disease in our bodies, before any external threat overcomes us.

Fear robs us of what we have in the present moment.

When the present moment is lost, the future becomes a mirror into the past.

The cycle of fear is perpetuated as we find evidence of the past threatening to contaminate the future…and so the spiral continues until either it breaks, or we do.

When fear drives us, we look for, and find evidence that confirms our fears.

When we look for evidence that invalidates the fear, we’ll find reason to forge ahead with hope and courage, recognising that harbouring hope is already confirmation of our courage to rise above the fear.

What will you choose today?


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