Who says you’re not enough?

If you need to remind yourself that you’re enough, you convinced yourself that you weren’t enough.

No one can do that to you without your agreement or consent.

Reminders, or affirmations have their place in getting us back on track when we become distracted from the truth of who we are.

The moment we need to do either beyond a moment in time, it means that we stopped believing what was once a truth, and now need to find reason to convince ourselves that we’re capable of being that way again.

While there may be truth in that thought process, it also means that we’ve yet to believe that we are what we think we could be, and we therefore convince ourselves that it’s not true in the present moment, but may be true at some future point.

Again, this way of thinking simply reinforces the belief that we’re not who we want to be.

The question therefore is, by whose standard are we judging ourselves when we see ourselves as being less than who we think we are?

If we were judging ourselves by our own standard, our reflections would be an assessment of our growth, rather than a need to convince ourselves that we’re something or someone that we’re not.

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