Surrender to servitude

We all want to be significant because of who we are. This is what defines our place or sense of belonging in this world. When we find reason to believe that we are not enough, we convince ourselves that we will only ever be valued for what we can do. That's when we stop trying [...]

The gratitude paradox

Gratitude is a result of appreciating the absence of something.That absence doesn't have to be experienced, it can also be observed.All that is needed is an event or incident that inspires the realisation of what life would be like without the value that we obtain from something. Occasionally it's from someone.It is our aversion to [...]

Gratitude before regret

It's impossible to be grateful for a blessing that you don't acknowledge.Like believing that we're entitled to certain outcomes because of our effort or contribution.Or believing that we're entitled to be treated a certain way because we believe we're a good person.Whether those entitlements are true is not the issue.The issue is that we are [...]

Gratitude is not the first step

Gratitude is all that matters, because gratitude is not possible without everything that matters coming before it.Gratitude escapes us when we don't respect the effort needed to achieve anything worth achieving.It escapes us when we assume that we're entitled to an outcome, without considering our contribution that is needed towards that outcome.It escapes us when [...]

Exhale. Peace is within reach.

Wisdom is the re-finding of innocence.We're born innocent, but then life happens.Almost imperceptibly, our innocence wanes, and our disappointment in life replaces it.Focused on remedying our justified gripes with this world, we lose sight of our innocence that once brought us peace.Our life then becomes a struggle to regain that peace, sometimes further contaminating our [...]

To be loved…truly

Three things that make us whole...To be seen... Beyond the facade. To have the essence of who we are, known to those we trust and hold dear. To be heard... Not only when we cry out, but also when we speak gently of the troubles in our heart.To be loved... For more than how we [...]