Who do you think you are?

We self-loathe when we assume what we think others think of us, and then use that to justify why we should not serve them.

It’s an irony that is intended to voice to the world our dissatisfaction at how we’re being treated, while contributing towards the very reason why the world treats us that way to begin with.

Just like darkness is the absence of light, misery and harshness is the absence of kindness and generosity of spirit.

The moment we trade our ability to be kind or generous in favour of being harsh or selfish, we deny ourselves the fulfilment that none other can provide because it is a fulfilment experienced in being able to uplift, not in being uplifted.

The misery that we feel when we do that to ourselves is then projected on those we wish would treat us better, while not realising that we’re competing with the same demons that have already overwhelmed or distracted them.

It would be quite comical if it wasn’t so destructive.

The only time we should withhold our generosity or support is when it enables another to oppress others, or us.

And even then, we need to be measured in our response by ensuring that we don’t dish out harshness or cruelty to fight oppression.

At the most, we should simply disengage so that we’re no longer available to enable such bad behaviour.

If we’re mindful of the value of who we are, self-loathing will feel uncomfortably lacking in authenticity as we try to convince ourselves that we’re worthless while we know with absolute conviction that we are capable of doing more.

Self-loathing is the ultimate middle finger to ourselves and does nothing to improve the state in which we find ourselves.

So if you find yourself self-loathing, ask yourself, “Is this truly all I’m capable of?”

It always starts with you.

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