Thus, is love lost

In affection, we focus on our beautyIn rejection, we focus on our deficienciesPerhaps that's why the world is so harshToo many are waiting for their deficiencies to be accepted before they share their beautyOr need their grievances with one to be compensated before they accept the beauty of another.Each time we wait for the past [...]

Dancing with destiny

A snippet of a thought from the sequel to my novel, An Incomplete Love Story.We're living in such uncertain times, and the uncertainty seems to be seeping into my thought processes."Whether we were cut from the same cloth before time began, or we were shaped by life to be perfectly matched, it doesn’t matter. Destiny [...]

A gentle neglect

It is better to die of violence, swift and decisive, than to die of a gentle neglect, slow and painful.The violent episode holds the promise of a quickened relief from the anguish of life, while being abandoned offers a view of our decaying spirit, while tortured by hope.Living with hope is a curse when immersed [...]

A life beyond being

Without experiencing the joy of living, life will remain a dutiful encounter.Similarly, without experiencing the sweetness of true love, love will feel like a need to serve and to be served.It is only in connecting with an experience beyond what we imagined to be the limits of what is possible, that we begin to pursue [...]

Hopeless dreams

A dream without hope taunts us more than it comforts us.It teases us with its distraction while we indulge in it, but reminds us that we believe we're unworthy of it when we cast our gaze once more towards reality.When we believe in our dream, we'll find the signs and the opportunities to map our [...]

Don’t deny your heart

Silence can never render the heart’s true yearnings irrelevant or obsolete…it only makes it more torturous until fulfilled…if everThe heart's true yearnings slowly morph into unfulfilled moments of angst that are beyond explanation or reasonSleep soon escapes us as we try to busy ourselves with the urgencies of life in our efforts to distract us [...]