My echo chamber

For what feels like an eternity, I've been grappling with whether I have anything of substance to share beyond my first novel. Will it be an indulgent rant of self-pity, or will it honour the human struggle? Am I invested in it the way I was with the first novel? Or is the tedious repetition [...]

To tell your story

Sometimes, we grow obsessed with finding a receptive heart to appreciate the story of who we are.It's a story that we cherish so dearly that just the thought of placing it in careless hands is frightening.It becomes a weight that we carry within us, keeping us anchored to moments long gone, but moments that we [...]

Prisms of beauty

If you keep chasing rainbows, you won't find the time to notice that you're the prism creating the beauty that you so desperately court.Breathe beloved, and pause for long enough to appreciate the beauty of you, despite the ugly of them.(From the sequel to An Incomplete Love Story that may never be written)Photo credit : [...]