Faithfully hopeful

Abandoning hope in something good means that we are investing hope in the relief of not trying any longer.

It means that we hope for ease after having struggled through the anguish and pain of trying to achieve something important, but failed.

Sometimes we hope that abandoning hope might give others reason to care or to notice, or perhaps even to appreciate what we abandoned when we felt like our efforts towards them was being taken for granted.

Perhaps it will give them reason to appreciate or care about what we’ve tried in vain to convince them is important.

That’s why, when we lose hope in achieving something, we experience a double blow when we realise that no one cared anyway. Or that they didn’t even notice.

Faith and hope are inseparable.

Where we focus our hope, we focus our faith.

Faith is what inspires us to want to change the world, while hope is grounded in our belief in our ability to change it.

Our faith is shaken and our hopes are dashed when our expectation of what we wish to influence exceeds our ability to influence it.

Being torn between having faith that things can be amazing, while feeling powerless to make it happen, is at the heart of all anguish in life.

Perhaps it’s best demonstrated by the act of planting a tree in your old age, having full faith in the comfort and benefit it will offer those who are alive to experience its growth, despite knowing that you won’t live long enough to share it with them.

Your conviction in what is good will ensure that you never lose hope in creating good for others.

And your faith in the good that results from your efforts in life will offer you peace despite not always being able to witness the value of your contribution.

Be mindful of where you’re investing your faith, and hope will follow faithfully.

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