Ungratefully appreciative

Words that carry good intention but lack conviction, often causes more harm than good.

Like expressing appreciation for the blessings that we have, but treating those blessings with disregard because we lack true gratitude for it.

The expression of appreciation towards something is the equivalent of a good intention, and nothing more.

Gratitude runs much deeper than appreciation.

Appreciation is merely acknowledgement of what good we recognise we have in our life or the good in someone who contributes towards it.

Sometimes, it is acknowledgment of a convenience or even an essential item that we have, like a car, or a house, or good health.

However, gratitude is what you do with what you appreciate, or how you treat those whom you claim to appreciate.

Gratitude is lost when we always intend to do great things but get distracted by the petty things resulting in a lack of follow through.

That lack of follow through betrays the trust that we place in ourselves to achieve our goals, and it betrays the trust that others place in us when we express good intentions towards them but don’t follow through.

Therefore, the absence of gratitude when we express appreciation feels like insincerity and dishonesty, despite the good that we may sincerely intend at the time of expressing appreciation for what or who we have in our lives.

Remember, it’s what you do with what you have, and how you treat those you claim to appreciate, that determines whether you are truly grateful for them, or if you take them for granted while acknowledging what good you get from it, or them.

It always starts with you.

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