Have a little faith

Believing is not the same as faith. At least not in the way that I experience it.

When I believe in something, it’s because I’ve attached evidence from previous experiences that convince me that what I believe to be true is probably true.

While there is an element of faith to that, its not really faith. It’s more a belief based on deduction.

Faith comes in when the evidence may conflict with the belief, but because everything we know to be true about it makes it impossible to believe anything else, it’s then that we develop the faith in believing that somehow, some way, the outcome is still possible.

This is especially true when everything tells you that it’s impossible.

Of course faith of a divine nature is different. But the above approach to faith is what determines how much we invest in others, or in what we believe is possible with them.

Photo trivia : This is a table cloth that was woven by female prisoners in India. An endearing design with dark undertones.

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