A peaceful fight

Insanity is subjective.

So is truth.

The less we remember this, the more likely it is that we will oppress.

To pass judgement without understanding reflects our insanity.

To restrain judgement until we reach understanding reflects our search for truth.

These two positions define the efforts of our days and the contemplations of our nights.

And mindfulness is lost between the two.

Striking a balance becomes the true pursuit of life if we hope to taste peace.

But balance is only achievable if we know how much of each is valuable as our days progress.

The enemy of mindfulness is distraction.

The friend of mindfulness is therefore being consciously purposeful.

You may not always be able to rein in your thoughts, but you can make a habit of reflecting, in the moment, if you are being purposeful regarding your objective.

Live consciously and purposefully, and life will be woven into a relatively peaceful tapestry without fighting for peace.

Sometimes, it’s the fight that denies us the peace that we yearn, while we yearn for peace as we fight.


Choose your battles.

Or else you’ll always be at war, blaming others for the choices that you make.

And remember, if you’re trying to be mindful, you’re distracted.

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