There was a time when I didn’t care about the title of my post, or if it even had a title. It was more reflective of the understated life I lead. Over time I seem to have grown too familiar with the attention from strangers, or admiring critics to the point where I’ve lost touch with myself, or even what the purpose of my bleeding at the keyboard is supposed to be. The purge it used to offer is now just a constipated grumble of a system in a state of angst.

My focus on providing, or at least feeling a need to express my opinion on the issues plaguing others has led to me being distanced from my own. It has always been easier to formulate an opinion on the challenges faced by others because it leaves me feeling somewhat smugly deluded into believing that I have a handle on this life thing that’s happening to me. That thing that goes on at an ever more rapid pace than before often leaving me overwhelmed with the realisation of how little I’ve achieved relative to what I know needs to be done.

I look around these days wondering why the world seems to be so alluring when the reality that has proven itself billions of times before confirms that it’s nothing but the blink of an eye when compared to the true nature of our being. The cycles we go through on a daily basis become more contaminated with responsibility and its associated distractions, even though the allotment of time remains the same. We constantly try to master the art of productivity, and in so doing, we’re distracted from what we should be doing, yet still believing that in achieving a higher level of productivity it will free up some of that time for the important things. It never does.

The important things are often set aside because of the compelling nature of responsibility. Responsibility compels us to act in a worldly manner, while…while we type away some meaningless post believing that the very effort brings us closer to our true purpose. I used to be able to close my eyes in the middle of writing one of these things, take a long drawn breath that wasn’t deep but wasn’t shallow either, and without having to apply my mind to it, more thoughts would tumble out of my mind without me summoning them. That doesn’t happen any longer. Now when I close my eyes, the movie in my head simply shifts into 3D and the noises from around me, including the cooing of the doves outside my window, serve to distract me from any sense of serenity, even though their morning serenades were often a source of comfort and wonder before.

Perhaps there is a comfort in labels after all. At times like these, when faced with a vacuous sense of purpose or focus, holding on to a label may very well be therapeutic, albeit in a deceptive way. Perhaps all these delusions collude to give us a sense of peace and purpose while we’re distracting ourselves from the truth that we’re destined not to achieve anything of significance in this world except that by which others may be collectively distracted. When we achieve things that are not communally subscribed to, we assume that it lacks purpose or value. This sense of exclusion that I’ve felt for most, no, all of my life has led to what currently seems to be my saving grace of delusions. Perhaps my writing, as insignificant and pedestrian as it may seem, will influence a handful of those that have the natural ability to relate to the collective delusions of the world, and in so doing, I would be influential beyond my immediate sphere of influence without being celebrated, while being pleasantly surprised on the day of reckoning to be presented with a record of beneficence that would be completely unattested to by my mediocre life.

Perhaps these ramblings have finally evolved into the delusions of a madman, and thereby becoming what it was always intended to be.



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