A brain dump

Optimism is not always enough. It helps, but sometimes, I just want things to go easy for a bit. If I knew that a single moment of trusting someone could lead to a lifetime of struggle, I would not have been so trusting, or at least not so generous with my trust. But spilled milk... Continue Reading →


Breathing becomes laboured when I'm not sure if I want to hold something in, or let it out. Expressing my disappointment at the events that appear to be in an incessant loop feels like an indulgence in futility. I've expressed such disappointment before, yet, here we are. Staring each other in the face again. The... Continue Reading →

A brain dump

My inclination to write within the context of a universal experience feels insincere and superficial at times. To want to write at all feels like a self indulgent rant or feathering of my own cap. I've abandoned more manuscripts and drafts of old manuscripts these past few weeks than I have all my life. The... Continue Reading →

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