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  • Give trust, before taking it away

    Give trust, before taking it away

    Earn my trust! Earn my respect! Consider how lofty our opinion is of ourselves when we demand that from others. If you don’t trust someone for good reason, then no problem. But if you don’t trust someone just because you don’t know them, then you have trust issues. That’s how life becomes burdensome because we […]

  • Why gratitude is all that matters

    Why gratitude is all that matters

    Gratitude speaks more to our soul than any gift or trinket, or whispers of endearment. Gratitude is impossible without respect,and respect is impossible without honesty,and honesty is impossible without sincerity. And so it continues until we realise that expecting gratitude or appreciation from someone that lacks any of these fundamental traits in their character is […]

  • In search of home

    In search of home

    Gratitude lays the foundation of the home. Respect builds its walls. Love and compassion provides the roof that protects you from the storm. And passion gives you the windows to allow your soul to breathe. As for faith…faith is the door that opens the path to all of it. Virtues have limited effect or value […]

  • Mindfully Distracted

    Mindfully Distracted

    Meditation or prayer is what gives us retrospective pause to realise where on that treadmill of life we find ourselves. Mindfulness is what reduces our need for such deliberate reflection. And sometimes, without realising it, we become distracted in our efforts to be mindful, while allowing moments of excitement, joy, or exasperation to escape us because we are too busy observing the individual components that make up that wholesome experience.

  • Dancing in the Rain

    Walking through a curio shop, I saw a frame proclaiming that life is not about avoiding the storm, but rather about learning to dance in the rain. That sounds profound, and childishly innocent. But as life wears on, we grow to realise that it’s even more important to choose carefully which storms we dance in. […]

  • Old School Modesty

    I’ve never been one to mince my words when it comes to sharing my perspectives on morality, respect, and simple values that I believe makes life wholesome and dignified. The amount of pandering to political correctness these days is sickening. Fair enough to say that to each their own, but when that perspective suddenly becomes […]

  • Purpose of Debate

    I once heard that the point of a debate should be to arrive at the truth and not to prove you’re right. This is something I fully subscribe to, but also forget often. After reflecting on some of my posts recently, especially in this blog, I believe that I have been blurring these very same […]