Purpose of Debate

I once heard that the point of a debate should be to arrive at the truth and not to prove you’re right. This is something I fully subscribe to, but also forget often. After reflecting on some of my posts recently, especially in this blog, I believe that I have been blurring these very same lines in my tone and focus. I sometimes try to prove why others are wrong or why I’m more right, when in fact the focus of this blog, as my first post suggested, was to be an articulation of my struggle to come to terms with what I find distasteful around me, and in turn to formulate my own views based on principles that I subscribe to, and not views that may have been indoctrinated into me. 

Whether or not I agree with the atheistic views, or even what exception I take to the traditional/ritualistic Muslims should remain a point of reference as to why I choose the views and opinions that I hold, but should not go as far as trying to convince them that they’re wrong. The Qur’an sums it up beautifully in Chapter 17, verse 81:

And say: Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.

Some may interpret this to be Muslim arrogance, yet others, if seen objectively, would acknowledge it as confirmation that whichever party is on the true path, this will become self-evident, and therefore there should be no need to shove our views down anyone’s throats. 

So I hope that I will remain focused in presenting my views not at the expense of others, but rather relative to others only. Context is important, but it should never be used as an excuse to bash any other religion, philosophy, or personal perspectives. Which reminds me of another pertinent verse from the Qur’an in Chapter 18, verse 10:

Our Lord! Send upon us Your mercy, and show us the solution to our problem in the right way.

Sincerity of intention and resolve in purpose are always extremely difficult to maintain because of the trappings of the ego. 

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