Regarding your post on Atheism; I was raised Muslim however find it extremely platitudinous and arrogant to claim Atheism is (mainly) an attack on Christianity that extends to Islam, I've read the Qu'ran, Torah and Bible, I am not here to question your faith, however it's extremely hypocritical to claim that we are ignorant of yours. Granted there may be some, however I find your posts logic and rationale extremely contentious and unjust.

Thank you for sharing your views with me. As with any opinion piece, a natural bias is expected based on the subjective experiences of the person offering the opinion, which in this case is me. 

My interactions with atheists both online and offline has been one that centred around the Christian doctrines, and where exception was taken on Islam, it was almost entirely based on the mainstream media projections of extremist views that are rarely in harmony with Islamic principles. 

My interactions with another atheist last week also reflects a similar ‘ignorance’ of what is contained in the Qur’an versus what is assumed to be in the Qur’an based on what is generally quoted out of context. Actions/behaviours of Muslims are often quoted in their arguments against Islam with very little qualified knowledge of Islam itself. 

Having said that, I’m not sure why you found my rationale to be unjust? I can understand and appreciate your views of it being ‘contentious’ and even ‘platitudinous’, but unjust? 

Share your thoughts on this…

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