Why Time Travel is Probably Not Possible

The concept of time travel, in my opinion, is more a desire founded in the weakness of us because of our collective regret over missed opportunities rather than a practical and needed solution to any of mankind's ills. We struggle to live in  the present, to be conscious, and to be grounded because of the [...]

Atheists and Me

It's disappointing, yet almost unsurprising to note that the very same behaviour atheists accuse theists of, they're guilty of themselves. I was recently invited into a closed group on Facebook with the assurance that it was a mature environment in which constructive and objective debates are held to test the various views of either side [...]

Imam Al-Ghazzali on Feeble-Mindedness

…the parable of the feeble-minded person who thinks that the light of the sun is the result of its rising, is like the parable of an ant which as it happened upon the surface of a sheet of paper, was endowed with reason and thereupon watched the movement in the process of writing, only to [...]