Fleeting Thoughts (IX)

Sometimes the deepest breaths leave you gasping for air rather than filling you with hope.

Is it significance you feel when you are needed for material contribution, or is significance felt when the essence of you is known and appreciated?

Questioning life and finding its answers in love is only therapeutic if that love can be embraced and not just admired.

Admiration starts with being happy for others, and ends with growing tired of not finding that happiness for yourself.

Exhaustion sets in not when the challenge is too tough, but when the number of challenges far outweigh the joys.

Joy is fleeting if experienced in solitude.

Solitude holds a promise of peace only for as long as the need for companionship can be subdued.

Companionship is easier to take than it is to give.

A giving spirit may not always be a generous one; often it is just a needy one.

Neediness is as human as cruelty.

Cruelty is the absence of patience.

Patience is faith’s companion.

Faith prevails in science more than it does in religion.

Religion thrives on peer pressure, while faith remains grounded in conviction.

Conviction demands belief in the value of the outcome, and the outcome is meaningless without purpose.

Purpose is driven by a desire to give more than we take, but holds no attraction to the one not willing to give.

Giving of the self is only possible if there is respect for what the self holds.

Self respect is rare, making cruelty common.

Aspiring to be common holds the promise of acceptance.

Acceptance offers more comfort than principles.

Principles become the way points for your journey; hence the principled rarely being remembered when you reach your destination.

Destinations are often mirages when driven by whims and fancies.

Whims are not always fickle; they’re sometimes inspirational.

Inspiration dwindles without passion.

Passion is nurtured by the promise of significance.

Without significance, the will to live is dwarfed by the need to recede from the expectation of life.

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