Fleeting Thoughts VIII

When loyalty triumphs over justice, chaos triumphs over peace.

Peace is elusive when love for the self is preferred over love for others.

Love for others reflects a generous spirit, while hatred for others reflects an insecure soul.

Insecurity is founded in ingratitude.

Ingratitude breeds insincerity in the same way that stagnant water breeds mosquitoes.

Stagnation spawns insecurity in the same way that success spawns envy.

Envy is an attribute of an ungrateful heart, while appreciation is its opposing truth.

The heart left unrestrained knows no ethics, while the mind disconnected from the heart knows no compassion.

Compassion is practiced more by the broken than it is by the celebrated.

Being broken is celebrated by those that lack the courage for accountability.

Accountability is celebrated in others but spurned by the weak.

Weakness is only so if after exhausting all avenues and resources, we still cannot prevail.

The will to prevail is inspired by conviction in the value of the outcome.

Conviction is impossible without purpose, and purpose is impossible to achieve without taking responsibility for its outcome.

Responsibility is a burden only for those that don’t recognise the blessing of the capacity to give.

Giving with the expectation of receiving is not benevolent, it is business.

The business of transacting with emotional investments rarely yields sustainable returns.

The best currency for emotional investments is the act of paying it forward.

Paying it forward yields no personal returns if you are at the origin of that payment cycle.

Emotional investment cycles are self sustaining only if everyone involved subscribes to the same values.

Value is found in gratitude more than it is found in wallets.

Wealth holds no peace or comfort if not spent in the upliftment of others.

Upliftment of others is only possible by one who appreciates their blessings.

Appreciation for what you have offers more contentment than meditation or solitude ever will.

Solitude is sought by those disillusioned with the world.

Disillusionment dictates that all hope must be subdued.

Hope is fleeting when futility is courted.

Courting futility is a safe way to avoid ambition.

Ambition is lacking in one who sees no future.

Giving up on the future is only possible when we focus on disappointments and dismiss any reality that opposes it.

Dismissing the good because of the absence of a desired outcome reveals ingratitude more than it does disappointment.

Disappointment is tempered by gratitude, and gratitude is sustained by hope.

Expectations is the nemesis of hope because hope disarms entitlement.

Entitlement is the currency of an ungrateful soul.

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