Fleeting Thoughts (VII)

A therapeutic release of clutter is one in which there is no need to string together coherent thoughts.

Coherent thoughts dictate a concern for what came before, or what needs to come after which reflects the earnestness of life.

Life itself does not afford us the indulgence of being inconsequential, or being oblivious to consequence.

Those seemingly oblivious to consequence are simply focused on outcomes that differ with what we may consider important.

Perspective is what you gain when you pay attention to what is not being said.

Unspoken words hold more truth than a blatant show of commitment.

Commitment wanes when expectations are plundered.

Plundering of the soul occurs when those with whom you’ve invested much reciprocate only obligingly.

Obligation fills the gaps, but leave the voids untouched.

Touching yourself deeply holds more hurt and pain than puns of fun.

Sometimes the fun is not just a pun and instead touches you deeply but only briefly.

A brief joy is sometimes more painful than a lasting torment.

Torment is endured when neglect waxes and hope wanes.

Neglect of others forms the bad habits that ends up with the abuse of ourselves.

Abuse is an investment in seeking significance, but without the hope.

Hope is only as relevant as the probability of its fulfilment.

Fulfilment is elusive for the wayward wanderers because a journey without a destination is simply a life without a home.

Home is a journey the heart undertakes each time it needs to breathe.

A breath of air or a breath of sanity is only visited upon the one who sacrificed both in pursuit of either.

To breathe is to hope in the moment that comes next. It is a statement of defiance at the heart breaks of the past.

Heart breaks are bitter sweet. Bitter because of the break, but sweet because of the rarity of the heart that is fragile enough to feel it.

Fragility is sometimes strength, but only if you realise that it requires courage and a brave soul to expose vulnerability.

Vulnerability is only preceived as such for one that does not value conviction or sincerity.

Sincerity is tainted when a fleeting moment defines your entire reality.

Reality is never real. It is always only ever perceived relative to what we wish to take from it.

Give or take. We all are both, but only lament one.

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