The events of my life have confirmed the sometimes unpleasant truth that I am anomalous by nature. It is not an active choice that I made, nor a deliberate rebellion against those I view as fickle and uninspiring. Instead, it is a natural disposition that I have learnt to embrace. Unlike most other personal dispositions that we may grow to embrace, this one does not yield greater acceptance by society. In fact, it further entrenches the divide between the known and predictable, and the unknown and anomalous.

By design, the weak seek security and predictability. It is a necessary constraint that we willingly establish for ourselves in order to feel competent. Yes, competent. The less unknown variables, the less skill we need to navigate our way through unknown territory. The more we appear to be in control, the more competent we feel, and the greater our self-esteem, albeit based on a fickle truth. It is for this reason that we pursue a life of definition.

Definition dictates boundaries and a need for compliance. In the absence of compliance we automatically feel empowered to act or respond to those that do not toe the line. By extension, we compartmentalise and label in order to establish predictability, because with predictability comes control, and with control comes confidence, if not arrogance. It is therefore no surprise that I find myself at odds with such rigid structures and practices that feed the establishments that stifle us.

Being anomalous is therefore the proverbial red flag to the bull that is society. Society is shaped by the rebels, but sustained by the meek. It requires that the majority comply in order to remain functional, failing which anarchy will follow. But such anarchy is only inevitable if the emphasis on definition remains the norm. What if we had a society where everyone was anomalous? It would automatically dictate that everyone would be more skilled in the art of unpredictability, meaning that each encounter will result in a richer experience. rather than a predictable outcome.

Predictability will be limited only to that which was experienced before, but would no longer be employed to ensure comfort and composure. In fact, if society were to be less predictable and more anomalous, routine would become the enemy, and growth would be stifled (as it already is) under rigid social norms. The greatest challenge then of being anomalous is to find the means to express yourself to an audience that has a frame of reference that denies your existence by design. At face value, we may then be inclined to adapt our approach to avoid such rejection. We will therefore find ways to fit in with the system that has been established to ensure compliance with the greater inclination, rather than the lesser inspiration.

Inspiration is what the anomalous seek. To be inspired to act rather than to act out of obligation. To find that inspiration in the smile of a stranger, or better yet, in the smile of the eyes of a kindred spirit. The euphoria that accompanies such an existence will steel any sincere soul against surrendering in favour of acceptance, because acceptance, especially in totality, is akin to incarceration. When we act out of obligation or compulsion, we rarely realise the benefits from the endeavour, whereas acting out of conviction that is inspired by purpose or belief in a greater boon establishes a reward system that is independent of people, of society, of the fickleness that drives the masses.

To therefore remain undefined is a blessing. It allows for the fluidity of spontaneity to embellish the relationship and the life experience, while being spared the decay of compliance. By extension, an undefined relationship holds the promise of greater depth and breadth than one that fills the pages of romance novels. Perhaps, like with most things, there is a balance. Perhaps that balance also hints of hypocrisy, but it’s a hypocrisy that is pervasive, and therefore embraced. In our consumption from society, compliance is required, but in our contribution, being anomalous will yield more growth and value than blind following ever will.




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