Another brush with the faint of heart

Sometimes I wonder if I’m depressed or am I just an ingrate. I usually get these thoughts annoying me when I’ve had yet another encounter with betrayal or insincerity.

Fear breeds cowardice as much as betrayal breeds hypocrisy. Or something like that…I think…I can’t really think clearly right now…not sure if it’s the lack of sleep, the distracting pain in my gut, or the untimely reminders of betrayals gone by.

I’ve realised that in this world, the spineless will always reign supreme in the end because they’re more adaptable than those that have a back bone. It’s so much easier to live a life as an un-tethered liberal. Stand for nothing, fall for anything, and never accept accountability for commitments, either implied or explicit.

If someone believes in you, that’s their problem. You never asked them to in the first place. Everyone bemoans the fact that they feel insignificant, unloved, unimportant, inconsequential, pathetic, alone, blah blah blah…but everyone is also always pushing away such love or care or concern or selfless commitment because it demands a reciprocation that is too constraining. We cry for companionship or understanding but then despise it when it comes in the wrong packaging.

What a laughable bunch we are, aren’t we?

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