Do you have a medical background or scientific references to prove that mental illnesses are just "a state of mind" with no effects in the brain?

I guess this question was bound to come up. I’m not sure how it’s intended or from what perspective you’re asking this. 

The short answer is, no. I don’t have a medical background, but all the information I share on the subject is supported by numerous research efforts, holistic healing methods that challenge mainstream medicine, and also importantly, direct personal experiences with individuals that were diagnosed with numerous extremely severe cases of ‘mental disorders’ from bipolar, to schizophrenia, to borderline personality disorder, along with living through the various treatment regiments and real life dysfunction that went with it.

So I guess all I can say is that I can assure you that my views are not reckless conjecture, nor are they theoretical. They’re based on real life first hand experience as well as many years of researching the issues surrounding this subject out of a need to be able to understand the circumstances that I was exposed to through other individuals around me that were extremely troubled.

My normal tongue-in-cheek view about this is usually, show me a depressed baby and I’ll reconsider my views about the relationship between chemical balances and emotional states. However, on a relatively continuous basis, my views have been tested and proven to be true with many people that were formally and repeatedly diagnosed as having severe chemical imbalances that suggested that they would be bound to intense medical treatment for the rest of their lives. After discussing the issues with them using the same ‘logic’ that I suggested in my previous post, they emerged from their ‘mental disorder’ and acknowledged that the underlying causes were entirely based on insecurities that stemmed from intense betrayal that they experienced in some form or another earlier in life, often without them realising it. 

I hope that answers your question.

P.S. I am NOT giving anyone medical advice. I’m simply suggesting that a fresh perspective could bring massive relief to what could otherwise be a really traumatic life. 

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