Own Your Sh!t Released!

Just be happy. It could be worse. Don't take life so seriously. Are you tired of hearing this? Well-meaning friends and colleagues tell us to stay positive, but it often has the opposite effect. Don’t be misled into thinking that happiness is just a choice. If it were, there would be no sad people. Getting [...]

Licensed to Drive

Most people can relate to an analogy about cars, so here's one relating to mental health that I thought would be able to demonstrate my point about the main stream approach to dealing with depression and other so-called mental illnesses (hopefully you have the patience to read it to the end). Imagine that the accelerator [...]

Labels and Life

For everyone that thought my points about labels were uncalled for, take a look at this video if you haven’t seen it already. Positive affirmation is as powerful as negative affirmation. Continuously telling someone that they can’t do something or be a certain way eventually convinces them that it is true. I wish people would [...]

Wow, I seriously haven't felt this much rage toward a person since my ex raped me. Thanks for telling me that basically I'm the cause of my own depression because I'm "not positive" enough to think myself out of my situation. Surprise, douchebag. I'm an incredibly positive person and yet I still suffer from depression. Wanna explain to me how that works? Yeah, you're a fucking privileged idiot. Shut the fuck up.

Ok, so here’s a few free pointers for you. Firstly, don’t bother using the Anon feature when it’s blatantly obvious who you are because that just confirms your troll behaviour that you really should give up. Secondly, try getting the full picture before you go mouthing off at someone so that you don’t make a [...]

Question – Repeat after me:

purplechansey: cynicallyjaded: dionthesocialist: Mental disorders are medical conditions. Mental disorders are not personality quirks. Repeat after me… Labels will give you mental disorders Labels will reinforce your submission to a condition  Labels will destroy you Labels will imprison you Labels are just that…labels Now, let’s try again… Stop labelling your state of mind, it’s the [...]

Question – Repeat after me:

storyseldomtold replied to your post: Do you have a medical background or scientific references to prove that mental illnesses are just “a state of mind” with no effects in the brain? The biggest issue in your methodology of deriving conclusions is the use of first-hand experiences, which is by definition, subjective and biased. Alaos, babies [...]