Wow, I seriously haven't felt this much rage toward a person since my ex raped me. Thanks for telling me that basically I'm the cause of my own depression because I'm "not positive" enough to think myself out of my situation. Surprise, douchebag. I'm an incredibly positive person and yet I still suffer from depression. Wanna explain to me how that works? Yeah, you're a fucking privileged idiot. Shut the fuck up.

Ok, so here’s a few free pointers for you.

Firstly, don’t bother using the Anon feature when it’s blatantly obvious who you are because that just confirms your troll behaviour that you really should give up.

Secondly, try getting the full picture before you go mouthing off at someone so that you don’t make a total ass of yourself when you’re trying to tell them where to get off.

Thirdly, you and your groupies should stop your pathetic victim mentality crap and stop assuming that every person that disagrees with you, or call you out on your illogical rubbish is actually white. So here’s a newsflash for you. I’m not white. Never was white. Don’t ever intend to be white. And don’t have any white blood in my ancestry either. But I still think you’ve got issues well beyond anything I stated in my post that you so passionately oppose, and that’s coming from a non-white, so can you imagine how bad your issues must be? 

Lastly, for you and some of your followers that can’t rationalise the rage they feel, here’s a few free words of advice for you. Anger is caused by only three things ever. And this was told to me by a black American about 20 years ago, so pay attention now. By the way, I’m of Indian origin born and bred in South Africa, so don’t talk to me about privilege because I lived in a racially divided society without any option because it was the law of the state to keep us segregated in that way. You were born at least two generations after such racial segregation was outlawed in your country, so it seems you need to wake up and smell the coffee at some point.

Back to the advice about anger, only three things cause it. If you can think of a fourth thing, you’re better than every psychologist, philosopher and sage that has lived for the last few centuries, if not longer. So here goes:

  1. Fear of being incompetent – when you feel like someone is challenging your competence, or suggesting that you’re incompetent, you get angry
  2. Fear of being disliked – when you feel like you’re losing points in the popularity stakes, you get angry because everyone wants to be liked/likeable/popular
  3. Fear of insignificance – when you feel as if your presence or personal needs don’t count in a situation or relationship, you get angry because you feel insignificant. 

My guess is, you and some of your followers are most prone to the last option. Get a grip and get the full picture before you go mouthing off your vulgarities at people you know nothing about. I survived more abuse in my life than you would ever imagine, the details of which is absolutely none of your business. But if you’re going to take the time to troll me, at least have the presence of mind to do your homework before you feel like venting without thinking.

As for all the uninformed reblogs your vulgarity attracted, I guess that is testament to the fact that most people are victims, hence the insanely high rate of violence in the world today. 

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