You and your wife seem like wonderful people. My questions are: have you lived in South Africa your whole life? What's it like? Which important life experiences shaped you into person you are today?

Thank you…I’ll definitely pass on the compliment. 🙂 I’ve lived in SA my entire life, with two short stints living abroad as well. I spent a year in Saudi and 6 months in Tunisia. South Africa is often under estimated, over simplified, and grossly misunderstood. It’s beautiful and horrible at the same time. We spend [...]

Another Anon but same OCD…

I have to wash my hands sticf´tfully and sometime more than two times and it injures my skin. If I take a shower I don't really feel the need to be strict with my body but my hands always have to be clean. Or if I feel like something that touched my pubic area(awra) I [...]

I used to be the rudest little thing to my parents up until AFTER High school. I can't believe how ungrateful and rude I was. College really changed me. Hopefully your daughter will learn. I think that sharing your struggles with her would help. My parents talking about what they went through helped me realize what they went through and made me feel grateful towards them. Losing a mother must also be hard for her.

I guess this is the challenge of parenting. In fact, it’s probably the one area where most parents fail as well. It makes it even more difficult to deal with when living in a world of instant gratification. I can assure you that parenting is anything but instant gratification. 🙂 It reminds me of that [...]

Wow I didnt know you had a daughter.. what happened to your wife? how old are you? Would you ever consider re marrying? May Allah make it easy on you and your daughter I hope that things turn out.

My daughter’s mother died in a car accident two years ago. We were divorced for a few years before that, and as these situations tend to get bitter quite often, I was denied access to my daughter for the better part of that time. So when her mother died, I automatically got full custody being [...]

Wow, I seriously haven't felt this much rage toward a person since my ex raped me. Thanks for telling me that basically I'm the cause of my own depression because I'm "not positive" enough to think myself out of my situation. Surprise, douchebag. I'm an incredibly positive person and yet I still suffer from depression. Wanna explain to me how that works? Yeah, you're a fucking privileged idiot. Shut the fuck up.

Ok, so here’s a few free pointers for you. Firstly, don’t bother using the Anon feature when it’s blatantly obvious who you are because that just confirms your troll behaviour that you really should give up. Secondly, try getting the full picture before you go mouthing off at someone so that you don’t make a [...]