You and your wife seem like wonderful people. My questions are: have you lived in South Africa your whole life? What's it like? Which important life experiences shaped you into person you are today?

Thank you…I’ll definitely pass on the compliment. 🙂 I’ve lived in SA my entire life, with two short stints living abroad as well. I spent a year in Saudi and 6 months in Tunisia. South Africa is often under estimated, over simplified, and grossly misunderstood. It’s beautiful and horrible at the same time. We spend [...]

Another Anon but same OCD…

I have to wash my hands sticf´tfully and sometime more than two times and it injures my skin. If I take a shower I don't really feel the need to be strict with my body but my hands always have to be clean. Or if I feel like something that touched my pubic area(awra) I [...]