Question: Absent father figure

Daddy issues from age 0-present, does that count? Basically I would be such a better person if I had a different more accepting and encouraging father figure. I can’t say those experiences are past me, we still see each other every day and there’s still pain and anger I get out of our relationship. Shoot?

Daddy or parental issues are always traumatisingly interesting. Someone once told me that their father was their greatest influence in their life. But they were influenced by him because he just sat and read the newspaper in his favourite arm chair every single day, and that made them wish never to be like him. If they weren’t exposed to that lethargic state in a parental figure, they probably would never have been disgusted by it, and would probably never have developed the drive or ambition to be better than that.

In your case, if your father is not very supportive or encouraging, and you’ve still managed to achieve significant milestones in your life, then consider that that is a testament to your ability to succeed independent of such support or assistance. It strengthens you in ways that will only become evident and deeply appreciated much later in life. It also gives you a very real view of how you would need to focus your relationship on your own kids, should you have them someday. 🙂

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