Sincere advisors

Cherish those who hold you to a higher standard, not those who pacify you when you're wrong.Of the rarest of creation, I believe, must be the sincere advisor.If you find one, cherish them, because their commitment is to your upliftment, and not to their own ego.Photo Credit : Naadirah Ismail

Free Advice on Document Writing

Here’s my pet peeves when it comes to document writing: The document is worded the way the author thinks rather than how it is supposed to be read The content is answering a question that is irrelevant to the subject or focus of the issue at hand The audience is completely forgotten in the pitch [...]

Question: An abusive father

Grew up with a father who hated me from day1. Beat me black&blue everyday. Mother stood up for me. He tried to kill her once with knife to throat. But he was so loving to my lil sis. At the same time mother was stronger, more dominant than him. Ive always hated him so the [...]