Wow. How distastefully generalizing and appalling to see. This is why although I find horoscopes to be curiously interesting, I take everything within them with a grain of salt and only read them for amusement rather than as a way to understand life or as a way to live (in the sense of using such horoscopes as “advice.”)

I personally would say that I try my best not to be selfish and mean… although I’m an Aries. To judge a person or judge one’s self based upon horoscopes and zodiac signs is quite ignorant because you are placing your intellectual reasoning and decision making into something that we don’t have complete assurance over. Plus, the fact remains in that horoscopes use wide generalizations to come to their “predictive advice” seen in horoscopes. Generalizations that most who live in the west and who believe in these things (who really, truly believe in these things rather than as a passing amusement/entertainment) are able to draw a (false) connection towards.

I know Sagittariuses who aren’t necessarily mean nor inherently selfish.

I know Tauruses who are deeply insincere and have put on fake faces/played games to get what they want (“false love”.)

I know Libras and Scorpios who have told my secrets, rejected my friendship, and came to the wrong conclusions about my emotional state of being. Oh, Virgos have also rejected my requests for friendship too. Hmm.

I know Aquariuses who are false/fake (put on a mask to act certain ways for appeasement), who have abandoned me and others in their life, and have lied to me many times over simply because they were bored of having me in their life or annoyed by me and used lying as a means to avoid me.

So… I’m glad this image showed up on my dashboard. It reminded me of that generalized nature in which horoscopes deceivingly gamble with; although in the end if one takes such ideas seriously, one will be giving up their judgement and decision making (their cognitive and rational intellectual functioning) towards something we lack clear evidence for (in terms of proof that it has credence in having some kind of “truth.”)

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