In my search for significance, I’ve realised that I always come up short. It’s a double-edged sword with a poisoned tip. The very fact that I feel a need to seek significance is damaging to my sense of self, since significance is not something that can be earned. It’s given. 

There are so many times that I’ve seen huge sacrifices made by some on behalf of others, but the one making the effort often ends up insignificant and taken for granted anyway. Unless there is an inclination on the part of the recipient to express gratitude or elevate the significance of the giver, it remains a fool’s endeavour. 

The poisoned tip is the realisation that I’m inconsequential to the state of happiness of those I covet for significance which is why I need to seek this significance in the first place.

My ingratitude probably distracts me from the realisation of the significance that I do hold in the lives of those around me, because I’m so busy searching for it in one that I wish to be significant in my life. There’s that vicious cycle again.

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