I am not a liberal

I am not a liberal. I think liberals are people who have a desperate need to be liked by everyone, that’s why they’ll never have the back bone to stand up for anything that would offend the opinions of others, except those that are already marginalised. The popular opinion is all that matters to liberals. 

One can argue that they have conviction in their beliefs, but that doesn’t excuse their naivety in life. Extremism results from excessive liberalism. Moderation is not practised by liberals, because they tend to be liberal in the extreme, which makes it ironic that they would be able to point a finger at anyone that chooses to oppose their views and establish boundaries. Liberalism will only ever work if we lived in isolation and had no influence on anyone else. Then, by all means, do as you please.

Liberals are so focused on individual rights that they lose sight of the rights of society. The more ‘free’ we become, the more social ills manifest in our liberated communities. Countries with the greatest social ‘freedoms’ also have pervasive mental ‘disorders’ and high suicide rates. But of course, according to the liberal, it’s your life, so you can do with it as you please, including throwing yourself off a building or taking an overdose, because the rights and responsibilities you have to those around you doesn’t count for anything, because your rights over your self come first.

It’s again ironical to note that it’s this same self-centred philosophy that creates fertile ground for the mental ‘disorders’ that are ravaging our ‘first world’ societies because in every single case that I have been exposed to, such mental ‘disorders’ always have a very strong, if not predominant theme of betrayal by others. That betrayal takes the form of many things from infidelity in relationships (the most common cause) to a lack of acceptance in society (bullying, etc.). But it’s more convenient to suggest that a chemical imbalance makes us feel like we’re tainted or damaged or not good enough, rather than to acknowledge that we have a moral deficit in our progressive communities. 

Progressive? I think not. 

When will the liberals figure this out?

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