No matter how much I try to find normal friends, I always end up polarising towards people that are as screwed up as me. Birds of a feather and all that crap, you know. Even at times when I meet someone that seems to be perfectly normal and well-adjusted, they turn out to be screwed up like me. Sometimes they seem to have a balanced life, a reasonable circle of friends that they actually know in real life, and they seem fairly balanced in their views on love and life and all that crap…but in the end, they turn out to be just as screwed up as me! 

So I’m wondering, am I really screwed up, or am I…erm… normal? Perhaps I’m judging myself too harshly? Perhaps I’m more resilient than most given how little it takes for others to fall apart relative to what brought me close to breaking point? Perhaps, and this is probably it, I’m just so emotionally stinted that it takes that much more to get a reaction from me, which is why I seem resilient while others seems flaky?

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