It’s sad to see how much time we spend trying to decide who’s kaafir and who’s not, which sects are good and which are not, that we fail to notice our own dwindling Imaan. Whenever someone boldly states that so-and-so is kaafir because of doing such and such a thing, then I am immediately reminded of the Hadeeth (if I’m not mistaken) that when one person calls another a kaafir, then one of them are!

We look for reason to create divisions, and to raise the status of one group above another, and I can’t help but wonder if at the bottom of all this might lie the simple vices of pride and arrogance of association? We have drifted so far from applying the principles of Islam, yet we’re ready to intellectualise the practices and beliefs of others and declare in our flawed wisdom the state of their Imaan?

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