If faced with the option to either fit in or f*** off, I proudly choose to f*** off.

Being alone is infinitely more pleasing than being surrounded by hypocrites. We’re so busy trying to figure out why we’re deemed unacceptable or why we find it so hard to fit in that we lose sight of what is really important…and as cliched as that may sound, it talks to this simple truth…Stop labelling your state of mind and accept that you have significant reason, let alone a right to question your reality and your existence. Seek to understand, by all means. But when you attach a label to yourself or to others, you reinforce that very same mind set by believing that that is what you need to deal with. You become focused on the symptoms and forget why you’re so screwed up to begin with. If indeed you are screwed up at all, and not just different!

The next time you do something that is directly detrimental to your well being, physical or emotional, stop to think why you’re doing it! Chances are, your actions will be driven by a need to be accepted, or the agony of not being accepted. Stop! They’re not worth it…there cannot be so many millions suffering from the same anguish just because of the same bullshit expectation that we’re all supposed to fit in. Be bold…accept who you are and know what you stand for. If you don’t, how the hell can you expect anyone else to take you seriously? 

Conform at the expense of the death of your own soul. When you conform for conformance’s sake, you become the living dead without anything meaningful to offer humanity. 

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