I’d rather live a sincere life, or not at all. Safe is hypocritical. Happiness or sadness is only ever felt by those that ventured beyond their facades. The rest are pitiful creatures that leech off those that have courage and pretend to wear that courage as their own. I despise those invertebrates.They’re social liabilities that [...]

Trends of my life

We tend to base our worries or assumptions about the future on the trends of our lives to this point, don’t we? If I think back and see how many times I may have ventured into a relationship or experience with passion and true conviction, and I compare that to how many times it didn’t [...]


If faced with the option to either fit in or f*** off, I proudly choose to f*** off. Being alone is infinitely more pleasing than being surrounded by hypocrites. We’re so busy trying to figure out why we’re deemed unacceptable or why we find it so hard to fit in that we lose sight of [...]