The Purpose of Life

To be available to those that have a need to benefit from the resources that you have at your disposal so that their life’s trials may be lightened by the burdens of your own. Your ability to dispense of these benefits in a magnanimous and selfless manner is directly proportional to the perceived level of dignity and respect by which you’ll be addressed or received. Forming symbiotic relationships with those that have resources that serve your needs proportional to the resources you have to serve their needs is what would tend towards a healthy exchange of benefits and trials leading to procreation within the confines of wedlock…that’s of course only if you choose to maintain your dignity in the process. If not, it will lead to procreation out of wedlock, or perhaps no possibility of procreation at all if your choice is an unnatural relationship.

So in a nutshell, using and being used if done with dignity and respect, will lead to an honourable and happy life. Maybe.

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