I feel so uninspired this morning. The sound of the birds was so beautiful on my way back from prayers that I actually stopped to record it in the hope of sharing it with someone special. Alas, technology has yet to move on in the MMS realm, so the limitation of 300kb for a voice clipping denied me the opportunity to share it at all. That’s probably when the un-inspirational feeling set in. For the first time in a long time (read a few weeks!) I walked through my front door wishing there was someone there waiting to welcome me home.

There isn’t. My two daughters sleeping peacefully in their beds in the room, and emptiness…a vacant fully furnished space that I call home. That’s all that I can look forward to when I enter the house, not to say that I don’t appreciate the peace and quiet often enough…but there’s only so much peace and quiet that any soul needs. I’m so full of peace and quiet that the peace and quiet is starting to feel like clutter…

Anyway, enough noise for this morning…maybe some sleep will ease the tension of my ongoing monologues. Is this the makings of a recluse? Probably!

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