In a World of Worries

I often wonder why it seems so difficult to write about the good of the day, as opposed to how easy it is to rant about the bad. Sitting in my corner of the cave, with a window facing the gurgling water from the pond just outside, I'm often focused on the mental fatigue that

The Silent Statement

My thoughts are often as complicated to grasp as my writing is to read. I sometimes read through some of my older posts and wonder how anyone could have gotten the point when I struggle to follow the thought process myself. I used to relate it all much more simplistically in the past. It was

Writer’s Block

I recently advised someone that when faced with writer's block, the best remedy is to write about it. Seems counter-intuitive, but it seems to work for me. My problem though is that I don't recognise myself as a writer. I vent through words, often carefully selected to maintain the level of neutrality needed in my


Belying my exterior, That serene scene saunters into view of my mind's eye. Driving to a destination that isn't, Until my fuel is spent, Effortlessly emerge from the vehicle, And continue on foot, Until I am spent. Finally melding into the sand, Without a trace, I become one with time. Passing you by, Unnoticed. Finally

Don’t Judge Me

I've re-typed this first sentence more times than I care to count, and each time, like this time, I felt the inclination to delete it because it seemed to talk to an audience, rather than a simple expression of what is on my mind. But I can't keep deleting because it only increases the anxious


Indulgence in distractions is a worldly pastime because it's desperately needed. Reality, for the aware, will always be excruciatingly burdensome. Despite my most enthusiastic efforts to convince myself that the reality behind the burdens is in fact the truth, and that the burdens are in fact the distractions, I keep finding myself sobered up by