The ‘inspiration’ tag on Tumblr is really un-inspirational. I guess that’s a sure sign that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for something that will flirt with my imagination this evening. Work is becoming tedious, not because there isn’t enough to challenge me creatively, but because I work with people that fail to see potential, and only see solutions being possible from external consultants.

It’s the same old thing about life, isn’t it? We can hear the same advice from a million people, but until we hear it from someone we’re willing to listen to, it will never hit home. That’s the frustration of what I do. The industry insists on following frameworks and methodologies, while I insist on taking a logical approach that allows an organic growth of skill in the organisation. But most fail to see that logic because they lack the real world experience to approach any problem without a text book in their hands. 

I hate people who study theory for a hundred years and then pretend to know it all. All they know is what someone force-fed into their empty skulls. The day they can apply a fraction of what they learnt parrot-fashion is the day they stand a chance of making a meaningful contribution to good governance. Until then they’ll just tediously regurgitate buzz words and bullshit until they have a room full of morons nodding their heads in unison with a vacant stare and a pathetic smile that reveals the vacuous nature of the space between their ears. 

The worst part of this post is that there’s probably no one on Tumblr that even knows what the hell I’m ranting about. Yet another frustration with choosing a career in an obscure field. 🙁

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