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And FWIW, I really do hope you find examples of people, personally in life or famous, whoever, who you do think do selfless things, even if just occasionally. I’m sure there are some out there. Mahatma Gandhi? Mother Teresa? Someone else?

I guess the truth of it all is simply that I won’t see the world any differently as long as I see these shortcomings in myself. I see this lack of selflessness in my own character, hence I find it difficult to see anyone else’s motivation any differently. I guess the desire for divine reward is the only admirable selfishness of the lot, and it’s entirely understandable. Perhaps I’ll have a life experience that will convince me otherwise, but until then, I am cynically jaded, am I not? 🙂

Edit: I don’t have much respect for Mahatma Gandhi. I think he was elevated in status more than he deserved, similar to Nelson Mandela. And I suspect that this would sound like blasphemy to those that love and admire these people, but society tends to overstate the virtues of people that simply step up and take a lead in a vacuum of principled behaviour. So it’s easy to understand why many would admire them. :/ Sorry, my jadedness knows no bounds this morning. 🙁


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