Victims and Oppressors

It seems I created quite a stir with my views about depression and mental disorders. It’s somewhat concerning that so many people took exception to what I had to say, but hardly anyone was concerned about the vagueness and generality of the original post that encouraged professional intervention for ‘personality quirks’. 

Worse still is the fact that hundreds of people were willing to reblog my post just to create a platform for them to hurl abuse and vulgarity at me without even trying to engage or understand the context thereof. There were a few exceptions, and where I felt it was worth my time, I dropped a note to each of them to either thank them for engaging sincerely, or to clarify my perspectives. 

The reality is that victims are more likely to act aggressively than anyone else. In my life, whenever I was attacked physically or verbally by others, it was always plainly evident that they were responding irrationally simply because they were unable to  justify their position, or were too distracted by their self-defeating behaviours to realise that there can be an alternate view that holds merit.

As Muslims, we believe that one of the signs of the hour approaching is that killing will become common place. Even just typing this simple line leaves me cringing at the thought of the feeble-minded that will use it to further entrench the stereotypes that they are force fed through the mass media. Nonetheless, the point is simple. The more we embellish our lives with half-truths, the less likely we are to be able to grasp the truth even if it stares us blankly in the face. 

We live in extremes. It’s rare to find people that live as equals, but very common to find people living as victims or oppressors. All the shades of grey, let alone the colours of the rainbow, have been stifled out of our lives because we’ve become such a polarised species. 


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