What to do…?

My first thought this evening when I had a quiet moment was that I should consolidate my two blogs. But I’m not sure. This blog (Ramblings of a Madman) is intended to be my ventlet about how I see the world, and what I think of people…most of the time it’s focused on people that suck! But seriously, it’s my philosophical musings about life, my experiences and all that morbid stuff, usually with a universal theme, since most of life is like that, isn’t it?

Then there’s my other blog (The 72 Sects) that I use as a channel to share my views about Islam, and my personal struggles, challenges and frustrations as a Muslim, but often venture into expressing my appreciation for the simplicity that Islam has entrenched in my life. However, that blog is deliberately focused on Islamic matters only. 

So I’m wondering if there’s merit in combining the two into this blog, or is it more purposeful and effective to keep them separate? 

Someone help me figure this out please? 🙁

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