cynicallyjaded: After much thought and restlessness, I’ve decided to stop actively maintaining my Tumblr blog. I’ve imported all my posts to my WordPress blog, and for now, I intend to bleed on that site instead. I suspect that my Tumblr blog will evolve into being a place for me to reblog things that I like, [...]

Unfollow if you wish

As expected, after those last few posts in response to questions I received, the followers have started trickling away. Good riddance if you’re that fickle. Fortunately I wasn’t whoring for your attention, otherwise I would be devastated right now.  Frustration and a desperate need to be understood is what influences the tone and focus of [...]

Consolidating my blogs

cynicallyjaded: After some thought, and considering the feedback I received from a whole three followers to my previous post about this, I’ve decided to go with consolidating my two blogs. On the one hand, keeping them separate allowed me to share my views about universal themes without triggering the prejudices of those that will feel [...]