To Blog, or Reblog?


Seriously considering becoming a re-blogger. No one appreciates original material any longer. People mostly like things only if they see other people liking things, and the number of people that like originality rather than fads are few and far between.

I agree with all the comments, and I appreciate the compliments, but I guess deep down inside, every single one of us has a hint of attention-whoring that we can’t always dismiss, right? Seriously though, like someone once told me something along the lines of ‘words flow easier if there are hearts that are willingly receiving them’, posting on Tumblr, no matter how sincerely introspective, there is an expectation of either acknowledgement, or engagement.

What’s most disconcerting is finding that when I re-blog something that is totally inane and it gets dozens of notes, I immediately wonder if I’m just annoying people with my endless rants and rambles about issues that most hardly appear to relate to. Which leads me to question whether I should be posting these thoughts here, or would it be more appropriate to establish a private blog or diary to store them?

I’ve also often toyed with the idea of creating an email account for my daughters, and just emailing all these thoughts to them at random. Like little notes about what to look out for in life in case I’m not around to annoy them with fatherly advice. When they eventually reach the age of 16 or so, I would give them the details to access their respective email accounts as a gift to help them step into the adult world that awaits them.

I’m rambling again. I guess the gist of it all is simply this. I tend to engage often with the bloggers that I follow on Tumblr, and I’m still naive enough to believe that I should expect the same in return. But when it doesn’t happen, I wonder if I’m just an annoyance factor that they’re tolerating for follower counts, or should I really stop behaving like a troll and just get the message that they’re not interested in engaging.

Either way, it sucks. Needing, being needed, being needy…it all smacks of desperation that everyone feels but no one is willing to own up to. So I guess it’s official then. I’m a Tumblr-whore that has just come out of the closet. 

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