Dua: To Pray Quietly

The proper way to make du’a is in a subdued voice, as Allah tells us:

“Call upon your Lord with humility, and in secret.” (Surah al-A’raf:55)

This is why Allah praised the du’a of Zakaraiya when He described it as being secret:

“When he made a du’a to his Lord in secret (or privately).” (Surah Maryam:3)

This principle is also mentioned in hadith. The Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

“O people! Be gentle on yourselves, for you are not calling someone who is deaf or absent. Rather you are calling the One Who hears everything, Ever-Close.” (Recorded in al-Bukhari)

Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah, also mentioned a number of benefits of making du’a silently in his work Majmu al-Fatawa which are as follows:

  1. It is a sign of strong imaan, as it demonstrates that we firmly believe Allah can hear even the quietest of prayers.
  2. It is a sign of respect and manners in front of Allah, for us to lower our voices.
  3. It is a sign of humility and humbleness, which is the essence of worship.
  4. It is a means of achieving sincerity, since you will not draw the attention of others.
  5. It aids the heart on concentrating on the du’a.
  6. It shows a closeness that the true believer feels for their Creator, and is a means of strengthening the close relationship between ourselves and Allah.
  7. It is easier on the tongue and body and therefore aids us in extending our du’a to Allah.
  8. It causes less distraction to others.
  9. It prevents a person form the the target of envy and jealousy.

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