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  • Dua Qunoot

    Dua Qunoot Transliteration: allahumma innaa nasta ‘Eenuka wa nastaghfiruka wa nu’minubika wa natawakkalu ‘Alayka wa nuthni ‘Alaykal khair. wa nashkuru ka wa laa nak furuka wa nakhla’U wa natruku mayyaf juruk. allahumma iyyaka n’Abudu wa lakanusollee wa nasjudu wa ilayka nas’Aa wa nakhfidu wa narjoo raHmataka wa nakhshaa ‘Adhaabaka inna ‘Adhaabaka bil kuffaari mulHiqq. (Image…

  • Dua When Desiring Death

    Anas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that: The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu álayhi wa sallam) said, “Let not one of you wish for death because of a misfortune which befalls him. If he cannot help doing so, he should say: ‘O Allah, keep me alive as long as You know that life is…

  • Dua for Repentence

    Dua for Repentence

  • Dua: To Pray Quietly

    The proper way to make du’a is in a subdued voice, as Allah tells us: “Call upon your Lord with humility, and in secret.” (Surah al-A’raf:55) This is why Allah praised the du’a of Zakaraiya when He described it as being secret: “When he made a du’a to his Lord in secret (or privately).” (Surah…

  • Raising One’s Hands in Dua

    Amongst the etiquette of du’a that is known by all Muslims, young or old, is that of raising one’s hands. Abu Musa al-Ashari, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated: “The Prophet, peace be upon him, made du’a, and I saw him raise his hands, until I could see the whiteness of his armpits.” (Recorded in…

  • Dua for parents and for pious children

  • Dua When One Loses Hope

    Dua when one loses hope