The Belly of Delhi (Take II)

I left Delhi feeling uneasy. On the one hand I felt arrogant and judgemental, and on the other, I felt justified in some of my observations. The nagging notion that I could not shake, despite it prompting that feeling of arrogance or superiority, is the fact that individual choice will always trump the political setting [...]

The Way You Do That Thing

I recently read an article that suggested that they could provide you with insights into your personality depending on how you held your handbag, and the first thought that came to mind was, "How fickle!" Then I thought about it a little more and quickly realised that the same can be done with almost any [...]

Old School Modesty

I've never been one to mince my words when it comes to sharing my perspectives on morality, respect, and simple values that I believe makes life wholesome and dignified. The amount of pandering to political correctness these days is sickening. Fair enough to say that to each their own, but when that perspective suddenly becomes [...]

Is that good I see?

Acknowledging or praising the virtues of others when they're around seems to carry a self-imposed burden of expectation that most of us resist. It's easier for me to talk about this as a generalisation than to refer directly to my personal shortcomings, because in this vagueness lies some comfort as well. I've lost many people [...]

I Hate Skinny Jeans

It's been a while since I felt an inclination to post any reflective thoughts about my current state. I'm 100% primed for a mid-life crisis right now, but it seems like the only crisis I'm managing to acquire quite successfully is a mid-drift one. My chest is still pretty much where it used to be [...]

Cyclic Sanity

I've often contemplated, like many others, the reasons for time going so much faster as I get older. Many of my conclusions are no different to those considered by most others as well, yet I feel compelled to write them down after a few weeks of being particularly preoccupied with these thoughts. The obvious conclusion [...]